death of a disco dancer

v disillusion [disiˈluːʒən]
to destroy the false but pleasant beliefs (held by a person)

dis·il·lu·sion (ds-lzhn)
tr.v. dis·il·lu·sioned, dis·il·lu·sion·ing, dis·il·lu·sions
To free or deprive of illusion.
1. The act of disenchanting.
2. The condition or fact of being disenchanted.

I'd like to spend the next week at the lake. Maybe when I come out of the woods everyone will be sane again.
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a list of beautiful moments 1-100

1- Sometimes people surprise you.

2- Sometimes the sun shines with a glow that feels
strangely like love.

3- Sometimes people paint and draw with so much passion
that you have to close your eyes and take a deep breath
just to draw it all in.

4- Sometimes people sing.

5- Sometimes the trees blow just right in the wind and
you can hear them singing.

6- Sometimes the air smells like bonfires and apples and

7- Sometimes the smell of flowers is all around you, but you
can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

8- Sometimes people care.

9- Sometimes a new day is an adventure that fills you with

10- Sometimes waking up is like being born again.

11- Sometimes music or words are so beautiful they give you
tingles all over your body and you sparkle.

12- Sometimes strangers smile at you as you walk by, and it
makes you feel warm inside, so you pass the smile on.

13- Sometimes in autumn when the air is just cold enough so
you can see your breath, you can take a walk outside and
everything is alive with sparks.

14- Sometimes there are fireworks.

15- Sometimes there’s fudge.

16- Sometimes the clouds move so slowly that you think time
is standing still.

17- Sometimes you have this moment where your house becomes
your home.

18- Sometimes your bed is the nicest place in the world.

19- Sometimes love is all around.

20- Sometimes your friends call you out of the blue to go for
coffee, and you have the best talk you’ve ever had.

21- Sometimes you talk on the phone all night, ‘cause you just
don’t want to stop.

22- Sometimes new people make you feel good about you.

23- Sometimes there are comics and hot chocolate.

24- Sometimes a movie makes you cry.

25- Sometimes pain is absolutely beautiful.

26- Sometimes the experience of being human is more than you can
take, and you feel like you’re going to burst with joy.

27- Sometimes people love each other so much that they can’t breathe,
and they can’t see.

28- Sometimes swimming feels like flying.

29- Sometimes the band is performing just for you.

30- Sometimes the sea smells like heaven.

31- Sometimes you close your eyes, and you release something about
yourself that you never thought of before.

32- Sometimes things change.

33- Sometimes things stay the same.

34- Sometimes life is so big that you don’t think you can ever see
everything you want to.

35- Sometimes you love something you never thought you’d like.

36- Sometimes people show you something they love.

37- Sometimes magic is all around you, and you can feel it.

38- Sometimes winter is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

39- Sometimes someone walks into the room, and you just can’t take
your eyes off them.

40- Sometimes people are magic.

41- Sometimes there’s candy.

42- Sometimes you achieve things you never thought possible.

43- Sometimes something someone says is exactly what you need to

44- Sometimes someone writes something that seems to be about you.

45- Sometimes colors look brighter and more beautiful than they
ever have before.

46- Sometimes the world is new.

47- Sometimes you have to stop for a moment because everything
around you is just so overwhelming you can’t take it all in.

48- Sometimes things are hard, but everything’s going to be ok.

49- Sometimes you just need to go.

50- Sometimes you’re with someone, and you just can’t help but
touch each other.

51- Sometimes hugs can heal anything.

52- Sometimes a kiss is like a raging river.

53- Sometimes it’s like a soft tide.

54- Sometimes you see the stars.

55- Sometimes you learn a new word.

56- Sometimes the way someone talks is enough to win you over.

57- Sometimes another language can be like the most beautiful

58- Sometimes there’s passion.

59- Sometimes you wake up at midnight with a million ideas buzzing
around your head.

60- Sometimes life is worth living.

61- Sometimes people hold the door for you.

62- Sometimes you hold the door for them.

63- Sometimes there’s chocolate.

64- Sometimes people love you so much that you can feel it, even if
they don’t say a word.

65- Sometimes rain is energizing.

66- Sometimes a movie is so good you can watch it over and over and
over and over…

67- Sometimes loneliness is sweet.

68- Sometimes you open your email and you have 10 new messages,
all from your old friends, who miss you.

69- Sometimes you miss someone, and they miss you too.

70- Sometimes you meet up with someone by chance who you haven’t
seen in years.

71- Sometimes you have to lose yourself completely to find what
you’re looking for.

72- Sometimes freedom is all you need.

73- Sometimes you win.

74- Sometimes the waitress/waiter is amazing.

75- Sometimes people are sweet.

76- Sometimes you get an unexpected compliment that leaves you
beaming all day.

77- Sometimes you’re on holiday.

78- Sometimes the restaurant is playing your favorite song.

79- Sometimes your stuffed animal is your best friend.

80- Sometimes you look over at someone, and you know you’re
both thinking the same thing.

81- Sometimes people are willing to share.

82- Sometimes there’s ice cream.

83- Sometimes people fly across the world to see you.

84- Sometimes there’s magic in the air.

85- Sometimes you have way more money than you thought.

86- Sometimes you look awesome.

87- Sometimes love is all you need. well….always.

88- Sometimes a thunderstorm is captivating.

89- Sometimes you know the right answer.

90- Sometimes people smile through their tears.

91- Sometimes people thank you, and you don’t even know why.

92- Sometimes everything goes your way.

93- Sometimes people are willing to compromise.

94- Sometimes it’s time to dance !

95- Sometimes you’re in love.

96- Sometimes reading the last line of a book is like saying goodbye.

97- Sometimes you can be romantic.

98- Sometimes you have wonderful dreams.

99- Sometimes it’s your birthday.

100- Sometimes you’re not scared anymore.
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